How to Export Products to Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are tools that allow customers to compare the price of a product they are searching for in various e-shops and choose the one with the best offer. In addition to the price of the goods in question, the customer also obtains information on the price of transport and the availability of goods. At the same time, he will also see reviews of the product from other customers as well as e-shop reviews where he is going to buy. This is a convenient marketing tool that will help you bring new customers to your e-shop.

The products you offer in your e-shop can be exported to Shopping, Google Merchant Center or Facebook Shop.

Exporting Products is a premium feature available with the Profi Premium Package. For a detailed overview of premium features, see the price list.

To export products to the price comparison website, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Webnode account and click SETTINGS in the upper menu of the editor.

How to Export Products to Price Comparison Websites

2. In the Online Store tab, click Create under Conversion Tracking and Product Feed.

Conversion Tracking and Product Feed

3. Select the product comparison websites you want to use to export your products and click the gray button on the right.

How to Export Products to Price Comparison Websites

4. For the selected comparison website, you will find a link to the detailed manual and detailed information on its functions. On the second line, you'll find the URL feed needed to export your products.

How to Export Products to Price Comparison Websites

Detailed guides for product comparison websites can be found directly on these links:

Google Merchant Center

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