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The easiest way to create the perfect website

Webnode is an amazingly simple website builder. Launched in 2008, it has already helped over 27 million users create their own websites. It doesn’t matter if you need a professional website for your company, a beautiful portfolio or a user-friendly eshop, you have the right tool to build the website just the way you want.

Anyone can build a website with Webnode. You don’t need to hire programmers or designers or pay for hosting. Simply choose one of the stunning templates and customize it in minutes. We are constantly bettering our website builder and developing new functions to provide you with all the tools you need to create the perfect website. Our team of over 90 people is here to make sure that our users all over the world are completely satisfied.


Webnode AG
Gartenstrasse 3, 6304 Zug

Development and Operations

Hlinky 70, 603 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Our Team

Ondřej Kratěna


Miroslav Kocián


Aleš Baťa


Barbora Hejlová

Head of PPC

Slawomír Jakub

Head of Team Leaders

Product Development

Lubomír Cvrk


Hynek Lípa


Radoslav Šupolík


Jan Koukal


Pavel Kašpar


Tomáš Sýkora


Ondřej Tom


Petr Sládek


Tomáš Fiala


Adam Mátl


Vojtěch Kliment

Data Analyst

Martin Kleban

Chief Designer

Jakub Belko

Frontend Developer

Pavel Antolík

Designer &
Frontend Developer

Jiří Matoušek

Frontend Developer

Adam Rajnoha

Frontend Developer

Kateřina Trčková

Frontend Developer

Martin Rašek


Monika Píchová


Adéla Králová


Jan Pater


Anna Kodýtková

Localization Manager

Petra Voštinárová

Localization Assistant

Josef Novosád

IT Network Administrator

Viktor Kovařík

IT Administrator

Marketing Specialists

Pablo Perez Magaňa

Web and PPC Analyst

Sabina Guja

PPC Specialist

Šárka Abíková

PPC Specialist

Customer Care Specialists

Pavel Beran

Technical Care

Antonín Placher

Technical Care

Aleš Straka

Technical Care

Zuzana Burdejová

Technical Care

Czech, Slovak region

Ondřej Uhlíř

Team Leader

Jana Košvicová

Customer Care

Tereza Velebová

Customer Care

Roman Hána

Customer Care

Michaela Vodáková

Customer Care

Jan Balaš

Customer Care

Lucie Hruškovská

Customer Care

Viliam Sedliak

Customer Care

Boris Dunaj

Customer Care

Dagmar Mašková

Customer Care

Kristina Kocianová

Customer Care

Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish region

Morten Erik

SV Online Marketing & Customer Care

Allan Poulsen

DK Customer Care Agent & Online Marketing Specialist

Olli Juho Petteri Harjunen

FI Online Marketing & Customer Care

Andrea Lindh

SV Customer Care

US, English, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Hungarian, Latvian, Greek region

Michael Charles Svacha

Team Leader

Matthew James

EN Customer Care

Hiromi Večerek

JA Online Marketing

Zuzana Čelková

HU Online Marketing & Customer Care

Eszter Fodor

HU Customer Care

Ioannis Dimitropoulos

GR Online Marketing & Customer Care

Zanda Bibere

LV Customer Care & Online Marketing

Takashi Kurabayashi

JP Customer Care

Spanish, Italian region

Karin Radová

Team Leader

Eva Lepšíková

ES Customer Care

Isabel Maria
Mayoral Sánchez

ES Customer Care

Eva Rychnovská

ES Customer Care

Mariana Arizaleta

ES Customer Care

Alejandro Gomis López

ES Customer Care

Silvia Merino Chico

ES Customer Care

Rosario Duardo

IT Customer Care

Brazilian, Portuguese region

Justina da Conceicao Santos Coelho

Team Leader

José Pedro Nunes
Lima Terroso

Customer Care Quality & Technical Specialist

Lucia Bizíková

PPC Specialist

Alosan da Goia

Customer Care

Petra Dzodzáková

Customer Care

Romana Esteves Kozderková

Customer Care

Cláudia Micaela Vláčilová

Customer Care

Russian, French, German, Romanian, Dutch region

Svetlana Vorontcova

Team Leader

Kateřina Dragonová

FR Customer Care

Lívia Froleková

FR Customer Care

Tereza Hrudková

NL Online Marketing & Customer Care

Jana Vaňourková

NL Customer Care

Eva Ratolístková

DE Customer Care

Markéta Válková

DE Customer Care

Finances & Office

Barbora Břečková

Chief Accountant

Petra Vykoupilová


Daniela Bazgerová

Financial Controller

Martina Šauerová

Financial Assistant

Pavel Zavacký

Project Manager

Human Resources

Andrea Novotná

HR Manager

Jana Luknárová

HR Recruitment Specialist

Ivana Šmídová

Receptionist & Office Manager