About us

"Webnode" is owned and operated by Webnode AG, a fast-growing Swiss company with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, and offices in Brno, Czech Republic.


Webnode AG

Gartenstrasse 3, 6304 Zug


Development and Operations

Hlinky 70, 603 00 Brno

Czech Republic

About Webnode

Webnode is the result of innovation, ingenuity and know-how — we do all the work, so our users don't have to!

Development of the system began in September 2006, with the first beta version launched 16 months later. On January 2008, Webnode (webnode.com) was launched.

Webnode's focus on user-friendliness, quality and visual appeal makes all the difference. Everyone, not just technophiles, can use it with enjoyment and ease.

The interactive, real-time, drag-and-drop tools, without need for complicated manuals, allow users to easily create, launch and update powerful websites and web applications from start to finish. Engineered for ease of use and extreme speed, Webnode effortlessly produces high-caliber professional webpages within minutes.

For all these reasons and more, Webnode has 18 000 000 users and the number keeps growing!

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